Due to their specific nature, some goods must be transported under certain conditions. These include, for example, controlled temperatures. We are no stranger to creating the right environment for specific product groups. Thanks to many years of experience, we know how to ensure the highest safety, hygiene and storage standards for them. Don’t take any risks! Rely on an experienced logistics company! Adequate preparation, facilities, equipment and an adapted fleet of vehicles are essential for proper temperature-controlled transport. Therefore, to be sure of a successful delivery – entrust this task to the experts. For years we have been organising and supervising the transport of temperature-controlled goods in 3 ranges:

  1. +2°C ~ +6°C ,
  2. +8°C ~ +12°C,
  3. ambient – no temperature.

Controlled-temperature transport is based on the continuity of the originally assumed temperature. This applies to goods requiring special conditions. These include food, but also health products, medicines, cosmetics, chemical products and even electronics and building materials. Why is it so important to maintain an optimal environment? Because these are goods that, as a result of fluctuations and temperature exceedances (both minimum and maximum), can change their properties and become completely unfit for further use. In addition, some products can pose a risk to humans and the environment due to changes in chemical composition.

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